Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Irene Keller aka Litantrace

Grafik designer, Jeweils designer, illustrator and performer, she came into the world few months after Cernobyl catastrophe, in August 1986.
Born and grown up in the middle of Venice mash, her life was till now a sort of neverending carnival.
Her manifold skill and eclectic soul take her to a constant, restless, extreme contours redefinition, starting from the limits of her own skin, keeping on through different styles and technics, and going farther in a continuos materials reserche.
She started to design, create and sell Jeweils with recycled stuffs since she was 16 in Barcelona. Then she moved to Rome, where she attended an illustration course for 3 years, during which she made her firsts  collective exhibitions and began to follow, still unknown to her, the way of performing art, starting modeling for photoshooting and collaborating on queer partys “Atomic”.
Meanwhile she started freelancing as Graphic designer, with a particular interest in logos design.
Moved to Berlin in 2009, where she's nowadays located, she did her first really body  (bloody) performances, in collaboration with her friend Anek, wherewith she founded the “Kutterpeklae” duo.
Always keeping on her interest on jewels and recycling she's now trying to enter a course of Textil and Surface design to become officialy a (material) designer.

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