Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nichilismo&Fastidio aka Foxi

Foxi is a small town girl. She starts her career obtaining a diploma at Carrara’s Art School. Afterwards, her great passion for comics  and especially for mangas brings her to attend a course where she develops several comic techniques in Pisa (It).
In the same time, putting in practice the d.i.y. philosophy she starts to produce jewels made only with salvaged materials and travel all around Italy and Europe selling them at punk concerts and free parties.
After a couple years her hobby become a real proper label called Action Recyclage.
In 2007 Foxi moves to Berlin where she finds an interesting environment and she develop a passion for photography mixing the classical 50s pin up aesthetic with the more contemporary “tank girl” imaginary. In the same time she uses her photography even to create graphics for many parties, especially for the queer anarcho-feminist collective Liebig 34.
Besides photography she have a great passion for stage design which bring her to experiment different techniques, and optimize her manual skills.
The main Foxi’s quality it’s her natural-born aptitude to learn and use a lot of different way of expression which define her as an artist with a constant creativity in motion.

Monica Dovarch

Monica Dovarch was born in Nuoro (Sardinia) in 1984.
She studied Social Anthropology in Bologna at the Universita’ degli Studi di Bologna. In 2008/2009 academic year she attended a Master Art in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London. Her dissertation was an ethnographic film Il mondo di Mondo that follows the life of a Sardinian character who builts traditional Sardinian instruments and knows all the proprieties of Sardinia herbs.
In 2008 she attended a workshop at the Istituto Regionale Etnografico in Nuoro, held by David and Judith MacDougall.
She has been a member of the jury that assigned the award for the best Mediterranean film during the SIEFF, Sardinian International Ethnographic Film Festival 2009.
In 2009/2010 she filmed and edited a documentary about theatrical training and final performance called Nuraxia Project. The singing and corporeal training occured inside a Nuraghe, an archaeological Sardinian site trying to experience the same rituality of Sardinian ancestors.
    In May 2010 she realized the editing of the project "Repensar Bon Pastor" in Barcelona screened during Cities Metodologies exhibition at UCL (University College London). Afterwards she developed a short documentary to explain the case of forced eviction in Bon Pastor, Barcelona.
        During 2010 she collaborated as camera woman for the ethnographic film Il Re dei Poliziotti by Fabio Calzia, a Sardinian ethnomusicologist. The film is about the ancient Sardinian tradition of Canto a Chitarra, ancient poetry accompanied by traditional guitar chords. has been funded by the Istituto Regionale Etnografico of Nuoro and screened at SIEFF 2010 (out of contest).
        She is currently working on several film projects in Sardinia. In particular she has been filming for 2 years in a village called Seneghe (Sardinia), documenting the daily life, the collective attitude and the social and religious rituals. She is now following the post-production of the footage collected during her fieldwork.
Moreover, she is working on a project about the contemporary movement of young artists in Nuoro by filming writers and the creative as well as difficult dynamics of a growing subculture.

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