Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"From the Town to the world."
a journey through all her emotion:between cities and nature,insides and outsides..through all the caracters she met on her way..
Seeing this world as a combination of different stories,emotions and life styles;
living with no destination but discovering how young and revolutionary  the world can be.

Alessandra Mannisi was born in 1986 in Italy.
she started her career  in Rome, attending European Design Institute (IED) with a major in Jewellery design.
She moved to London because of her strong interest in "cool-hunting" and discovered photography.
She has been working and studying  on her own until she decided to take a course in London College of Fashion and specializing in Photography.
for the 3following years she's been working as  freelance for many a events as: tv channels , Fashion shows, demonstrations, Consultancy style Studios, Concerts, Radios
and Festivals.
after a while she moved to Asia where she discovered  what she had been missing for the last years in the city..all the amazing shows that nature can create  and how point of views are just little windows on the backyard of our consciousness .
Full of those  feelings she come back to the city heading to berlin..
Here where she lives a research of a new dimension ,as fresh and underground as this city can be!!... ready for experice it and picture all her emotions.. 

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