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Alessia D'Artino aka A/Ona was born in Rome on the 11/06/75, city where she lived until the age of eight. This life moment marks a never interrupted nomadism with annual or bi-annual displacements in a psychogeographical triangle composed by Rome, Berlin and London. Her passion for music, poetry and literature starts very soon: at 14 years old she studies percussions; in the year that follows the artistic diploma, she already plays in different bands and writes poems and short novels. Drums, bass and guitar are the basis and the recipe of her "switcher" eclecticism and the soul of one of the first female punk bands in Rome: the Fuckin' Barbies, for which the exchange of musical instruments is an urgency that knows no strategy. In 2006 she publishes her first collection of poems- for "I Figli Belli"-  called "Geminytwinz 41 (G-Blue's Syrup 75)". Graduated at the Academy of Music Journalism and Criticism of Rome, she collaborates with such musical magazines as "Metal Shock" and "Rockerilla". Once moved to Berlin, she develops her projects as Dj, Promoter and musician. She is so present and active in the underground scene to define style and its future contents. She launches the concept of "Poopsy Club" (shared with the friend and colleague Noisy Pig), one of the party which  formed and inspired more the queer/alternative scene in Berlin from 2006 untill today. As Dj she mix a selection of electro/techno but also post punk, industrial and extreme experimental noises. As a drummer and bassist she collaborated with the bands The Belmondos, Dark Skies Association (with Molly Nilsson) and Mary and the Baby Cheeses (with Mary Ocher). In London she was involved in the squat party Behind Bars, and often invited to play her tunes at the industrial/noize party Antagony; she also collaborated to the dark ambient project called Memento Mori & Rustfeeders. A selection of poems from her second collection "Taut" is been recently published online by the magazine NiedernGasse. A/Ona has currently back to live in Berlin.’s-syrup-75)/730770

Mad Alba

Alba Loizzo, a.k.a. Madalba, was born in July 1985 in Bari. 
Since she was very young her interest in different musical cultures such as house and dance trends of the moment spread through rock and punk, leading to Techno and club-culture. 
At 22 she approaches the local scene as dj-girl with numerous performances in the club circuit in collaboration with some of the most renowned local promoters. Than she developed a continued and careful research into the musical experience during her participation to projects of the Faculty of Medicine in Rostock and Berlin, where she has been impressed and inspired by the radical Techno sound of Berghain. 
The musical experience gained over the years brought her to start djing only with vinyls building up a strong reputation as underground Techno dj, allowing her to play in clubs such as Tresor,  Abount Blank, SK Robinson, Mikz and Tacheles in Berlin where she basically lives. In July 2011 she created T_MooD, a podcast dedicated to the underground techno culture's diffusion from Berlin to Italy. In September 2011 she moved  to Detroit where she played in the most popular clubs such as The Works, Exodus and other in collaboration with Dj Seoul and Tom Linder - Detroit Techno Militia.This travel has definitely and radically changed is approach to the Techno concept, wich she cosiders more a social phenomenon and a means of complaint then simply a musical genre.
 Her first track will be next released  throw collaboration in Detroit with Joshua Adams - Exchange Bureau Music. In December 2011 she started the collaboration with the female crew Femme Fraktale. Since January 2012 she is resident of the party Homopatik in About Blank, Berlin.

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