Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"I am a woman who likes changing, but the only thing that I never changed is my passion for art, especially for photography.
I grew up in a family of great lovers of travel, so since was very little I never missed opportunities to take the big analog camera of my parents to capture the places visited, persons met and moments lived.
I studied multimedial arts at the "Academy of Fine Arts" in Carrara, but then I decided to focus my studies on what interested me more. So I attended first a course of general photography in the "Marangoni Istitute" and then a course of fashion photography at the "Darkroom School" in Florence.
The photographers from which I take more inspiration are Bettina Rheims, Annie Leibovitz, Martin Schoeller and Martin Parr.
When I was in Carrara I've worked with some sculptors to create their own catalogs, then I worked with fashion models and young designers from the "Polimoda school" of Florence for create their book.
I participated in various group exhibitions in several places or initiatives and I did two personal shows in Glamour Club of Florence.
I established my base in Berlin because I think it's a good place to connect with the rest of the world and here I found the right balance between stimulation (especially on an artistic level) and rhythm of life.
Now I'm going through a very productive period in which more than taking pictures, writing for the website http://www.sinnberlins.eu/ , study English and German to be able to propose myself for a training in a photography studio here in Berlin."




Aghia Sophie

The diary of a journey through the city and its people, a reportage of urban life in the new millennium, among suburbs and abandoned factories, trough the dirty and proud faces of the characters, at the crossroads of buildings where lives intertwine and stories pass down.
A whispered story by means of transparent, ephemeral images as memories, backlit figures dancing, silent silhouettes of buildings.
Even as strong as a Molotov cocktail exploding like a story without censorship, or a lifestyle without a filter.
A journey into underground life, with its strong black and whites and accentuated contrast. But always with a touch of romance.
The young Italian photographer, born in Lecco in 1985, after graduating at NABA Accademy of Fine Arts  in Milan, moved to Berlin where she lives and collaborates with various artists , the artgallery XLAB Corrosive Art Farm , the dubstep event Impulse and she's resident phographer of the event Gegen at Kit Kat Club.
Over the past two years has presented her work on several occasions and exhibitions in Berlin, Dresden, Wroclaw (Poland), London and Milan.



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