Monday, February 27, 2012

Martina Altieri aka eMMe

The Sewing Machine

Sewing women´s skins. Bodies that bleeds, the same blood of those are constrained by gender norms,patriachy  and the infamies of the global market. Performing in domestic ambient , the same where violence and abuse are naturalized and  perpetrated in the name of the family. Every performance is different and created with the collaboration of various artist  The Sewing Machine meant to be a disorienting attack to all the different images of slavery, of gender and sexual orientation.

 Martina Altieri aka eMMe

Martina Altieri a.k.a. eMMe, born in an_even_too sunny Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, lives and works in Berlin.
Photographer, Performer, Feminist, Lover and recently Mother, she´s at the moment mainly dedicated to the fashinating Science of Changing Diapers.
More in general she is irresistibly attracted by investigating on the Subjective Realities and Communication Dynamics, through the expressive symbology of the BDSM language.
Shibari, the ancient Japanese Art of Ropes, Mummification, Suffocation, Deprivation and Release become the tools to represent and create stimuli and solicitations, both visual and physical, that Individuals experiment as invisible pressures in everyday life.



Darkam designs, produces noise and body modifications. Three different ways of expressing the same thing. She’s interested in the middle ground between different technics and styles, in the searching throught the hybridizations of genres as well as spots and the saturation fraquency.
She turns the noise she has in her head in distorted sounds during industrial live sets.
She uses her body as a part itself of the tale,  during body performances and rituals.
Her visual work ranges from comic strips, drawings and illustrated books.
She made the comics for “Mozziconi” published in Italy by Edizioni del Vento and a self-produced illustrated book “Il paese del silenzio”.
She collaborated with several magazines such as Touch, G.I.U.D.A., Stripolis, Lamette Comics and Inguine Mah!gazine.
She lives in Berlin since 2010, where she collaborated with XLab Corrosive Art Farm.
She’s  live set performer and producer since 2004, she is one of the Sgnarl Elektro Violent sound system found members. With them she played tekno and hard core  all around Italy in several free parties and clubs, performing with  Zapotek, Crustek Machine, Metek, Puzzle Sound System, IFP, Violent Orkester and many more.
Now her  research moved to less "straight" horizons and  her style is balanced between many different waters: breakcore, hardcore, but always with an industrial twist. 
(She released a split Ep with Grr for RUszud “Overdrive”, an experimental Ep with the side project SplitMind (Grr, darkam, Equilibrium Failure and Kyon) for Sociopath recordingand she also appears in the cd compilation "L'Ironia della Sorte" for RXTNZ. )

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