Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ale Senso

"I really like to draw, just lead my ideas on paper, on the walls, mix colors, dirty hands...
meet friends for painting and even in the kitchen, because I also love to cook.
This passion for drawing is born when I was a child, and continues today,
this does not make me an artist, but a position in this world, you must take,
and with courage and passion, try to go in that direction, otherwise life becomes a boredom."

Ale Senso was born in Bergamo in 1977. Currently lives in Berlin.
Her research combines different artistic media and languages with a preference for drawing
and the mural painting in abandoned places, factories and salvages.
She graduated in 2002 at the Academy of Fine Art "Brera", Milan.
She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and events.

Derelict Buildings Project:



Ambra Rosedorne was born in Italy on 1987.
She studied Fine Arts in Bologna and in 2010 she graduated in Set Designer.
During her studies she produced two shorts films and a performance called: “Il filo di Alice”, “Game Over”, “Cubi&Corpi”; her graduation thesis was a documentary, “DOM - La Cupola del Pilastro”, on Laminarie theatre group with whom she collaborated.
In 2010-11 she produced the short film “Self Portrait” and a fake documentary “MAYA - Inexplicável ou Não” sho t between Mexico and Brazil.
In 2012 she worked as cameraman for a brazilian documentary production.
Currently she’s living in Berlin and she makes decorations, jewels, costumes and she’s doing especially research on insects with her partner Calypso Adamo.

Calypso Adamo was born on 8th November 1990 in Venice. During High School she started interesting about scene.
From 2007 to 2009 she made decorations in some electro music party in Italy and she discovered a big interest in scenography.
On the beginning of  2011 she was part of set design team for the movie "The Return of the Moonwalker" (Deram Filmproduction) in Berlin. Curently based in Berlin,  she produced decoration for "Build in Bit" party and started the artistic collaboration with Ambra Rosedorne.
Now she's studyng Stage and Costume Designer at the "Kunst Hochschule Weissensee" in Berlin.

Barbara Toraldo

Barbara Toraldo is a southern italian performer currently based in Berlin.She started experiencing movement in 2000 with African dance and Ballet.In 2004/05 she attended the dance theater atelier in the Art school Paolo Grassi in Milan.In 2006 she moves to Berlin where she meets contact danceand Butoh.
From this moment on her focus shifts spontaneously towards improvisation. Her performances are mainly with live music and reference to the influence of senses,subconscious and abstract images.Her ideal form of performative act is the collaboration with different kind of artists. Her interest include video making,the latest self conceived works are "IDM,D,"and "I´m Looking for me, ein film in Bewegung".The present sees her involved with Sparkling Fishes in Dark Waters(Giulia Spugnoli -live painting, Mario Stagi- live electronic music) and with the professional learning of the german sign language.

Aghia Vulgaria Sophie

The diary of a journey through the city and its people, a reportage of urban life in the new millennium, among suburbs and abandoned factories, trough the dirty and proud faces of the characters, at the crossroads of buildings where lives intertwine and stories pass down.
A whispered story by means of transparent, ephemeral images as memories, backlit figures dancing, silent silhouettes of buildings.
Even as strong as a Molotov cocktail exploding like a story without censorship, or a lifestyle without a filter.
A journey into underground life, with its strong black and whites and accentuated contrast. But always with a touch of romance.
The young Italian photographer, born in Lecco in 1985, after graduating at NABA Accademy of Fine Arts  in Milan, moved to Berlin where she lives and collaborates with various artists , the artgallery XLAB Corrosive Art Farm , the dubstep event Impulse and she's resident phographer of the event Gegen at Kit Kat Club.
Over the past two years has presented her work on several occasions and exhibitions in Berlin, Dresden, Wroclaw (Poland), London and Milan.

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