Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nike Brass Alghisio

Nike Brass Alghisio was born and growed-up in Venice , Italy (the town of the winged lion) , at 17 years old she moved into Rome (the town of the mother wolf) and studyed Academy of Arts finished and graduated with the maximum votes, actually she's living and operating in Berlin (the town of the female bear).
She's a polyhedric visual artist : performer, installations maker, but first a figurativ neo-symbolistic painter, the biggest passion, she has also worked for three years in a company of VFX, specialized on 3dimensional organic modellation. Latest exhibitions In Italy and Berlin are the happening in Macro Contemporary Art Museum (Rome), a collective in the Palace of the exhibitions (Rome), collective "Tarots" with Mondo Bizzarro Gallery (Rome), collective exhibitions with Max Papeschi at Abnormal gallery (Berlin) and actually she's also collaborating with Cell63 ArtGallery (Berlin).

Nike can be summed up her creative research on three alter-ego...:
Pitch the first stone someone who, as me, after have take a walk on the difficult ways that we used to call : Streets of the Art (or streets of the creative research) has never wished , or has never craved to be (or to become ) Alice by Lewis Carrol? Alice who, for being across the mirror,falled down on the unknow, on the famous Wonderland. The land that is the inexhaustible orchard of metamorphosis and also the botanic cultivation of the earlier NONSENSES...
Orchard where you can feel each time on a different way : too small or too big...
Place where Marcel Duchamps is the "Hatter" and Rose Selavy is also his double; Frida Khalo Queen of Spades or Hearts; the Chesirecat enigmatic and sly, that can become each time a figurativ realist painter, animator and ideator of environments, protagonist oh Happenings: one of the lot of realist or neo-dada that, staying on one highest branch of the Contemporary Art Tree, appear and disappear, without showing whole the ownbody, but always with a sardonic smiling. Pinch the first stone who, expelled (or had left) from Wonderland has never wished for vocation or for revenge an "heroic" moment on his own research- For me it was the era that i call "the years of Pentesilea".
Who never has wished to empathize ,probably on a klutzy way or only for a few time, on Pentesilea by Von Kleist? Who has not never succumbed to the temptation of renounceting to live on the Eden, bited by the neo-romantic snake that rappresent the desire of the absolute?_
Even if the fury of Pentesilea and the Achille's daring, both conscious tu run in front of a fatal destiny that will not save them from the last breath...
Because fatal will be the massive fury of one the kluzy of the other, so massive that on act of love never lived they could find again peace of the senses and reason.
On the mataphoric meaning Alice and Pentesilea were two essential moments of my creative research, but first research of myself, as a woman or as also simply, a "cultural operator".
And now? If it's true that i feel like sometimes Pentesilea asked to Alice to go away (leaved her on the Mtamorphosys and Nonsenses Land), it's also true that the more gentle Arianna (maybe more curios and more well-disposed to enjoy the unknow then Penstesilea) has also asked to Penstesilea to go far-away. And now I'm wearing Arianna's clothes even inside of me continue to exist Alice and Penstesilea. And like Arianna now I mist over on this labyrinth of tunnels and rooms in unpredictable itinerary.

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