Monday, February 27, 2012

Dominika Kowlaska

My name is Dominka and I'm freelance artist from Poland. I graduated at the Wroclaw department of architecture and the urban planning. I have a wide range in my designing activity – from architectural conception of residential houses and small public spaces, through interior and furniture design, to work in the field of graphic design. I also do pantings and murals in privat interiors. Currently I live and work in  Berlin.

Francesca Genovese

Born in Matera in 1984, after earning a degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce in 2008, Francesca Genovese moved in the same year in Berlin, fascinated by the many influences the city has to offer.
So begins an introspective journey aimed at deepening  a painting style is constant evolution.
In her works, mostly oil paintings, the body becomes the medium of language, the expression of the emotional history of each one, and source of information.
The purpose of the artist is to investigate the theme of the body, in its uniqueness and essence, where unexpressed emotions are trapped in.
The body is thus understood as the means for communication par excellence, through which man transmits his instincts and his personal neuroses, which are emphasized and dilated in the artistic representation.
The artist lays bare, trying to discover the truths hidden beneath our clothes.Inspired by the work of Egon Schiele, she gives voice to Eros and its Alter Ego, transferring it through the brush strokes into the non-animated, like the figure of the Scarecrow, a recurrent element in which the artist is always reflected.
Photography is not only a passion, but also a family heirloom, a medium of painting and an independent means of expression.

Giulia Spugnoli

Giulia Spugnoli is Painter, Performer and Art-therapist. Graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence with the maximum of votes in 2005. Since 2002 is organising and joining several Collective Exhibitions, Cultural Events, Experimental Artistic Collaborations and Social Art Projects.
Since 2007 has begin to research, with the Artist Mario Stagi, in the Experimental Performance project of Le Immagini di Vetro Project: an interaction between live paint projections, live electro sounds and texts with socio-politic critic contents. Since 2009 lives and works in Berlin. For Femmefraktal is going to participate with her live paint projections with B. Toraldo -dance-  and Meatball-sound- as “Sparklimg fishes in black water” in a multidisciplinary performance inspired on the feminine topic.

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