Thursday, May 17, 2012


  Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa, Shaz has travelled for many years, learning and experiencing life to its fullest, with no regrets. At the age of 16 began her passion of fire and performance, continuing to present day shenanigans.  Being the creative freak that she is,  majority of her tools and costumes are self-made.
  For the past 7+yrs, Shaz has been working together with Anja in a local Berlin fire group named Seelenfunken ( ). Performing mainly at Medieval festivals, Goth/Rock concerts and local bah-mitzvahs, they decided they wanted to expand their performance genres and so, with the collaboration of a few accomplices, founded the new group Pyro-Circus ( ), which leans more towards Burlesque/Freak Circus-Side Shows/Fakir/Tribal performances.

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