Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sabrina Bosshard

Born in Zurich in 1985. Began at the Lucerne University of Arts before moving to Geneva to study Fine Arts at the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design Genève, Geneva University of Art and Design. Since 2008 based in Berlin studying Fashion at Weissensee School of Art.
Various training have heightened the personal aesthetic through her work under the Paris-based designer Bernhard Willhelm, the Deutsches Theater Berlin, or recently with the label Pelican Avenue in Antwerp. Currently she is working on her Diploma/Master Collection Quatemberphosen.




 * akkamiau
 * photo grabber, video artheist, music composter, stories generator
 * simply an audiovisual performer searching for the meaning of art through different life forms
 * so far hasn't reach the pinnacle of ultimate satisfaction
 * hopes to return in the next life as a real kitty cat so life will be way easier: eat sleep shit play (techno)


Aka 47

Andrea Pekárková alias Aka 47 was born in 1985, making art since 2009. She studies at the atelier of the Visual communication on the Technical university in Liberec Czech Republic. She creates objects, videos and graphic art. In cooperation with Helena Krásová she runs 3x3 gallery in Liberec. She is a member of VJ group Vizual Terrorist and as a video performer accompany various DJs and musicians. Her work is typically full color range, topics from abstract graphics to collages of the real scenery.

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