Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yann Keller

Bass player and experimentalist in many fields.
together with studying contrabass at the arnhem conservatory, further education with f.e. greatest german freejazz bassplayer peter kowald, unforgettable conductor and drummer frank k├Âllges and duo projects with british artist and inventor jim whiting, german butoh dancer sabine seume an important step to yann’s progression was the construction of own instruments like the steelbass and a number of soundsculptures from industrial waste out of the environment ruhrgebiet.
the steelbass as maininstrument is derived from the ground spear of a lightning rod and manifests the break with the music/traditional approach and transformation onto a new level of expression where the term sculpture is shifting between the media. in many interdisciplinary experiments borders got explored and deconstructed.
the improvisation is related to varying musical genres i.e. Jazz, noise, improvised music, electronic hardcore, and the core of the idea freejazz.
with the musical development a deeper research in self definition became an intense part of the performance and real life.
loose the boundaries of one or the other gender. those are inventions of the society to preserve its outdated patriarchal power structures. being transidentic can mean leaving one side but not necessarily only choosing the other side. living open to all sides. No final desicion needed. no black or white. there are many steps between the endpoints man and woman on this scale. in one way free improvisation sets up space where this can run free.

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