Friday, April 20, 2012

Fake Mistress

The artist Fake Mistress has a long experience in improvised music, once started as a singer of the dada-performance group The Fake Masters, now performing mostly solo and extending her work to sculptural environments using sound, light and moving scultpures. Living in Berlin since 1992 she has been an active agent of the diy-scene, organising various events.
The voice is her instrument to impersonate various shapes of characters and emotions in a theatrical way, mimicking various styles of music like jazz, pop or classic and thus creating a highly atmospheric music, evoking fragments of films, emotions and stories fusing it to a modern symphony.
The music she composes and performs live is a mixing of field-recordings, her own recordings of instruments and cut-ups of old classical orchestra music vinyls that have been processed, using Linux and open source programms only (Ardour).

Her music has been used for performances by GOGO trash and for films by Mike Spike Froidl a.k.a. Don Chaos.

Fake mistress is a member of Salon Bruit.

The first solo cd arie antique dealt with 7 female characters of the greek history: Antigone, Medea, Kassandra, Helena, Elektra and Penelope.
It was remixed and released in a cd by:, frgmnt, LifeLoop, Mangrove Kipling, ohmnoise, Preslav Literary School, Strfan Sender, SZMK, Vinyl -Terror and Horror.

The second project is in progress, a musical portrait of 7 famous women murderers: Charlotte Corday, Aileen Wuornos, Gesche Gottfried, Magda Goebbels, Maria Tarnowska, Lizzy Borden and Elizabeth Bathory. The cd will be released with a silk-screened booklet in march.

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